Tuesday, November 15, 2011

     Men are taught to find “hot” what other men find “hot.”The whole notion of a “trophy girlfriend” is based on the reality that a great many men use female desirability to establish status with other men. And in our current cultural climate where thinness is idealized, a slender partner is almost always going to be worth more than a heavy one. For men who have not yet extricated themselves from homosocial competition, their own self-esteem and sense of intra-male status may decline in direct proportion to their girlfriend’s weight gain.
~Hugo Schwyzer

That being said I do wonder what would happen if tomorrow fat girls where the new trend(as most do follow trends like a life line)and chubby women were the new black, How many men would drop their thin,whiny,hungry,trophy wife to openly snuggle with the curvy hot red head with double D's?
Kinda makes me grin ta think about ...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Fat Sexy!


This blog contains ADULT writings and images.
      If you are not 18 or older or your offended by such things please leave.
So the rest of us can have fun!

This blog is about to get a little warmer as I explore real fat sexy stuff!

This is an OMG moment for anyone who loves em BIG

Friday, March 4, 2011

One thing for sure...

I'm not promoting an over eating,couch potato,horrible health life style...I want to promote being healthy and beautiful even as a plus size. Eating good healthy foods and finding the best outfits to suit you,your body,and your personality. Being Bold,Big,and you bet...BEAUTIFUL. If you want to lose weight Good! if you want to stay as your are Good!
So I was searching around for something that fits this thought and this is what I found! Check it out!

How I Learned to Love My Fat

Fat people syndrome?

I found this in the Urban Dictionary and had a laugh...OK I know skinny chics who do exactly  the same thing so PLEASE tell me WTF they have???? I say its the syndrome of low self worth/esteem and the need for the wrong kind of attention..or just any attention at all..and Honey! this is NOT just a fat chic plague!
Read below and tell me what you think!
Caused by the fat person's feelings that society looks down on them for being fat. Usually more common in females since they are typically more ostracized for being overweight.
Victims become obsessed with losing weight or (unfortunately, more commonly) just trying to make themselves appear less fat.

Diet pills, miracle weight loss programs, etc etc.

Talking about exersize/eating well, caring WAY too much about dressing nicely (even in casual situations).
Some try to be overly sexual, ie hugs to EVERYONE, tattoos (esp. tramp stamps), dressing like sluts, being strippers, talking about sexual things, overall trying to make themselves more sexy
Unfortunately, attempts are usually counterproductive. Trying to act slim only pisses people off and makes them notice obesity more.
Example 1
Jackie: OMG I went to the gym like ALL DAY. Right after I finished my Lean Cuisine and took all my diet pills, (blah blah blah trying to seem less fat)

Jessica: Shut the hell up bitch everyone knows you're fat

Example 2
(Jackie runs up to Mark and gives him a huge hug, from which he cowers away)
Jackie: OMG Mark wanna see my new tattoo?!?!?!?
Mark: thinking "dammit i gotta sit through this fat people syndrome again"
(Jackie turns around and pulls down her pants to reveal her FAT ASS CRACK and a slutty butterfly)
Jackie: OMG OMG like it?!?!?!?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello World!

“Everythings bigger in Texas!” I grew up hearing this said to me and though it wasn't all that funny I would paste a smile on my face and maybe laugh right along with them but inside it hurt. I mean…come on!.. a fat girl knows shes fat! We don't need it pointed out to us! Just like a man who is balding or someone with a huge snout doesn't need a reminder..just in case they didn't know. People with flaws(and that's most of us!) simply want to be human..to laugh and joke and NOT be the center of that joke. Most people wont point out in the middle of a party that a womans teeth are horrible..or her legs too bony..but they will point out if they see a fat girl with too much food on her plate or the rockin double chin shes sporting. Its not cool…crap..I think this just turned into a rant. Didn't mean for it to! So back to this blog…Why? Well..I learned to live beautiful…fat or not! I want to pass this information along and maybe clear up the BS about fashion for large women and how to really look great no matter your shape..oh! and sometimes sharing the story of me telling off the old lady in the grocery store for telling me the ice cream really should go back on the shelf. Like..huh?